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GlitterBug® Disclosure Center Hand Hygiene Training Kits

The GlitterBug Kits add a bit of fun to the serious subject of teaching effective hand washing.

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5 Item(s)

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Further Information

Glitterbug Fluorescent Range

GlitterBug is a product line that makes hand hygiene education interesting, fun, and memorable.

Using these kits, a range of GlitterBug fluorescent potion, powder and gels assist in teaching good hand hygiene, including:

  • Seeing how well hands are washed.
  • How contamination and germs can travel.
  • Teaching, testing and evaluating hand-sanitiser application technique.

Perfect for schools, healthcare professionals and food-handling businesses.

How to use the Potion

Using the potion is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Ask the student to rub the potion on their hands.
  2. The student washes and dries their hands as normal.
  3. When placed under a UV lamp any areas not washed properly will show up - as if by magic!

For more information, please download:


We also offer a great selection of hand hygiene training support materials including reward medals, posters, stickers, DVDs and more.