ChillCheck Temperature Warning Range

Colour-change warning labels, as used in leading supermarkets. Provide clear and instant indication when temperature levels are too high.

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Further Information

ChillCheck Temperature Warning RangeA fast,simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary colour change technology.

• Reveals real time air and food temperature.

• Easy to read. The wamlng symbol appears green only when Immediate localised cabinet temperature rises above the preset activation point.

• Suitable for glass fronted upright, multldeck, wall cabinets,and walk In cold storage rooms.

• Provides due diligence Information.

• No power or maintenance required.

• Can be retro fitted.

• Allows you to meet Food Safety Requirements and HACCP Guidelines

These well established Chiller and Freezer temperature indicators incorporate specialist thermochromic liquid crystal technology and are specially developed to monitor the cold air and food temperatures in all parts of supermarket chiller and freezer cabinets,and walk in cold rooms and freezers.