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We are continuing to process and dispatch orders as normal and goods will be sent using your requested delivery service. However, we understand that customers in certain areas may experience some minor delivery delays due to courier workloads. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.

We would like to thank all our customers who have continued to use our services and worked with us throughout this difficult time.

Logo Embroidery

In addition to our standard Text Embroidery service, we can also supply logo embroidery on the majority of our Clothing range.

Embroidery can include company logos or organisation logos, plus a wider range of fonts and colours than our standard service.

This service involves an initial set-up charge and the cost of the set-up will vary from logo to logo. The size and complexity of the design, number of colours and number of stitches it will take to reproduce the logo are the major factors affecting cost.

Get a Quote

Simply Contact Us with a picture of your logo and we can provide you with a no obligation quotation.

The Process

To ensure a good quality end result, the supplied image should be a high resolution JPEG image file or a vector based image.

We will then evaluate whether reproduction is possible and provide your with a quotation for embroidery on your chosen garments.

Note, in a small number of cases it may not be possible to embroider a logo:

  • Shading - Shading doesn't work in thread as it requires far too many colour changes. However, it may still be possible to reproduce the logo by changing any shaded areas into solid colour.
  • Fine Detail - By virtue of the nature of embroidery itself, we may not be able to reproduce smaller text and finer details of complex logos.
  • Copyright - We cannot embroider anything that infringes another company or organisation's copyright.

Assuming all is well and you are happy with our quotation and ask us to proceed, we would then digitise your image. Digitisation is a process that creates a file with a set of instructions for the embroidery machinery on how to create your logo. What colour threads to use and where to place stitches, etc..

Following digitisation, you will then be sent a sample of the logo for approval.

With your approval of the artwork, embroidery of our stock clothing range is usually completed within 1 week. For smaller and straight-forward orders, the whole process from initial call to shipping may actually be completed in as little as 3 working days. For embroidery of Custom Coats, there will be a greater lead time to allow for their manufacture.

Please see the Photo Gallery below and our Case Studies page for examples of our logo embroidery work.

Custom Clothing

If you require logo embroidery, but can't find the exact style of coat, apron, jacket, coveralls or other workwear or chef-wear that you're looking for on our site, please Contact Us with your requirements and we may be able to source what you're looking for.

We also offer full customisation of our range of lab, food trade and warehouse coats. Please see our Custom Coats page for more details.

Photo Gallery

A few more examples of our work: