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Lab Coats

Looking for a white coat? See our extensive range of top quality laboratory coats and hygiene coats.

Need an embroidered lab coat? Embroidery is an option on all our white coats.

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Warehouse Coats

In addition to our range of white coats, we also stock a range of colours. Coloured lab coats are ideal for quickly identifying groups of personel.

Embroider Service available - Your company logo or staff names can be embroidered onto these garments.
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Warehouse Coats
Warehouse Coats
Chefs and Kitchen Wear
Chefs and Kitchen Wear
Food Safety, Hand Hygiene Equipment, Clothing & Training Materials Online

Food Safety Direct Limited was established in 2004 to supply food businesses in the UK with the essential food hygiene equipment, clothing, and training materials needed to comply with food safety regulations.

We also have the UK's largest range of hand hygiene equipment including training lamps, cabinets and kits online and specialise in supplying infection control professionals, trainers and enforcement officers.
The Number 1 website for hand hygiene training

Our range includes Light Boxes. GlitterBug Potion and Powder. Stickers & Posters. DVDs.

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The Number 1 website for hand hygiene training
Children's Workwear Section

Our unique range of kid's clothing includes:

Chefs Jackets
Junior Lab Coats
Vinyl Gloves
Hi-Vis Jackets
Safety Specs
Children's Workwear Section
Catering and Food Thermometers


Digital thermometers
Pocket thermometers
Infra red thermometers
Fridge/freezer thermometers
Microwave thermometers
Meat roasting thermometers
Sugar & jam thermometers
Oven thermometers
Yogurt thermometers
Wine & beer thermometers

Catering and Food Thermometers

NEW Dishwasher Testing Labels

NEW Dishwasher Testing Labels
Thermostrip® labels have been designed to test and provide a permanent record of the temperature achieved by dishwashers. Simply attach the label to a dish or plate surface before placing it into the dishwasher. The label will change from white to black when the temperature indicated on the label has been reached.

NEW Corintech WiFi Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

NEW Corintech WiFi Temperature & Humidity Datalogger
This wireless temperature and humidity datalogger uses your existing wi-fi router to connect to your pc and transmit the data wirelessly.

Best Selling Items

Kids Lab Coat

Kids Lab Coat

10.49 (4 or fewer items)9.49 (5 to 29 items)8.99 (30 to 59 items)7.99 (60 or more items)

Kid's lab coats in white, offered in a range of ...
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Ladies White Lab Coat

Ladies White Lab Coat

11.99 (9 or fewer items)10.79 (10 to 24 items)10.19 (25 to 49 items)9.59 (50 or more items)

Ladies-fit hygiene coats with 3 external patch pockets. Made from ...
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Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Thermometer with 5 Year Limited Warranty

Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Thermometer with 5 Year Limited Warranty


This handy thermometer has a fantastic specification, probably unmatched by ...
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New Products

Chefs Jackets with Techno Mesh Back - Short Sleeved

Chefs Jackets with Techno Mesh Back - Short  Sleeved


Quality chefs jackets with concealed stud front fastening. Panelled back with a mesh fabric ...
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Workplace Catering First Aid Kits - BS8599-1 Compliant - Small

Workplace Catering First Aid Kits - BS8599-1 Compliant - Small


Kits designed for for employers to demonstrate they are serious about meeting their legal obligations ...
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Detectable Hairnets

Detectable Hairnets

Open weave nylon hairnets with elasticated edges. Available in blue, white red, green and ...
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Food Safety Direct

Food Safety Direct was established in 2004. The companys mission was to provide a comprehensive range of equipment and materials aimed at the food trade and caterers, as well as those whose job it is to ensure food safety, such as auditors, enforcement officers and quality control managers.

Since 2004 the Company has grown steadily and now has a huge customer base which includes government departments, NHS trusts, local authorities, major UK food manufacturers, television companies, universities, schools, charities, food hygiene trainers and environmental health consultants in addition to thousands of small catering companies and direct sales to the public.

Our product range has also continued to develop. We are one of the UKs leading suppliers of lab coats. Our

white coats

for laboratory use, hygiene coats, warehouse coats and food trade coats are manufactured to the highest standards from quality materials. This has resulted in a high ratio of repeat business from satisfied customers. The unisex labcoat and ladies labcoat are our most popular sellers, but hygiene coats, which have no external pockets, a requirement of many food manufacturers, have also proved to be big sellers. Our white coats are used for a variety of purposes from use as a doctor coat to the showing of animals at agricultural shows. In addition we supply chefs clothing including chef jackets, chef trousers, aprons and headwear.

In response to demand, Food Safety Direct developed its our own-brand range of childrens clothing which includes our hugely successful kids lab coats and childrens chef jackets. As this range grew we launched a stand-alone website www.biz-e-kidz.co.uk to specialise in this area.

From the outset, Food Safety Direct has sold thermometers from leading manufacturers including Comark, Hanna, Digitron and Brannan. Whilst the Food Safety Direct website concentrates on catering thermometers and food thermometers, our sister site www.thermometersuperstore.co.uk has a massive selection of thermometers for all applications. On this website you will find digital, spirit and dial thermometers for use in fridges, ovens, for making yogurt, brewing beer, jam-making, cooking and food manufacture. On the Thermometer Superstore website this range is extended to cover room thermometers, garden thermometers, industrial thermometers and thermometers for heating system engineers, legionella and swimming pool testing.

Food Safety Direct is also the premier website for hand hygiene training materials and equipment. We are the sole official European importers of the GlitterBug range of hand hygiene training products which is used extensively by NHS infection control specialists as well as in food factories and schools to teaching effective hand-washing techniques. European sales of hand hygiene training materials is handled through our www.handhygieneeurope.com website.

When buying from Food Safety Direct you can be assured that we only supply quality goods and that we are totally commitment to excellent customer service.

Food Safety Direct Limited Food Safety, Hand Hygiene Equipment, Clothing and Training Materials Online, UK

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