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Thermometer Calibration Certificates

Food Safety Direct offer a thermometer calibration service to ensure instruments are working accurately.

Why is Calibration Necessary?

In order to ensure measuring instruments are working accurately they require regular calibration and checking. Calibration is often carried out to prove that the instrument is still working accurately enough to comply with health and safety legislation or good practice guidance.

Calibration comes in many forms and at its simplest can be undertaken by the user. However auditors and enforcement officers often ask for calibration certificates to prove that accredited calibration labs have tested the equipment independently.

What many companies and staff do not realise is that there is a difference in quality between different types of accreditation and the certificates issued.

How Often Should Equipment be Calibrated?

There is no specified frequency for calibrating equipment. General industry practice seems to be out an annual calibration and re-certification on the thermometers used in the workplace.

UKAS Calibration Certificates

The ultimate calibration certificate is the UKAS Calibration Certifcate.

Only a UKAS accredited laboratory can issue a UKAS calibration certificate. In order to gain accrediatation all the laboratory's equipment is fully UKAS accredited. In additional all the laboratory's monitoring systems are audited to ensure they are the highest standards. These inspections are carried out by the UK Accredited Service (UKAS).

Only laboratories with full accreditation are permitted to carry the UKAS logo on certificates.

UKAS - Traceable Calibration Certificates

You may see "UKAS Traceable Certificates" certificates being offered. This means that the measurement equipment used to check calibration has been UKAS tested. It does not confirm that the procedures or the laboratory meet UKAS standards.

Calibration Services

If you require a thermometer calibrating we can offer a full range of testing at competitive price. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.